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goodie bags
These goodie bags are the perfect way for your guests to take the party home with them!!
how it works + types of goodie bags

We put together these adorable little goodie bags for your guests and bring them with us to the set up. We have a couple different types of goodie bags to choose from! Goodie bag items are for your guests to keep (unless stated otherwise)
Custom $13 (per person)
Include hand selected items in order to match your guest's ages and genders and then put into a themed bag! If you have concerns or would like to see specific items included, we can certainly work with you to make sure you have the perfect goodie bags for your guests!
Sweet + Simple $8 (per person)
Glow stick, box of gummy candy, small individual bag of pretzels or crackers, small individual bottle of water with decorative paper wrap to match party decor. 
Surprise Sleepover $16 (per person)
Toothbrush, toothpaste, glow stick, box of candy, pillow to sleep on
(pillow core new pillow case is a rental)
Spa Night $15 (per person)
Face Mask Sheet, Spa Headband, Eye Area Chiller, Nail Polish + a couple small surprise items
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