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picnic policies + information
Curious about hosting a picnic with Pretty Little Daydreams, but wondering about the nitty gritty of the process? 
Decor Selections

Our picnics are Build Your Own style! Our base color scheme is a mix of neutrals (tans, beige, grey, cream) and then you choose your accent pillow colors, table runner, place mat, and floral arrangement collection in order to create a one of a kind picnic! Take a look at our picnic builder page to see all the options! 

If you need something more custom/do not like the options we have there may be a consultation/customization fee depending on what you're looking for.

Not sure what to select? We can handle the sections for you if you just give us a little creative direction on the booking form!

Booking Process

Fill out the google booking form by clicking a book now button. Be sure to check out the available add-ons and include them on the booking form!


After you fill out the form, we will reach out with more questions or with an invoice for 50% of the party balance and a separate invoice for the security deposit. Once both invoices are paid, your party is reserved! We will follow up 1 week before your event to confirm headcount and final changes before sending over the remaining party balance. We do require full payment prior to the party.

Set Up + Location

Delivery: We come to you and handle all of the set up and tear down. (Delivery fees are based off the party address provided on the booking form)

Set Up: Takes place at agreed upon time (time varies based on table selections). We will just need you to show us where to set up or we can find a spot in a local park of your choosing! It can be set up inside, outside with good weather or even at a park or hotel of your choosing!


Selecting a Location: The renter is responsible for selecting the location and getting permission to set up if it isn't at a  public park. If the picnic is set up inside, please provide us with the dimensions and a photo of the set up space ahead of time. If hosting in a hotel room, we strongly encourage that you do a site visit to ensure there is enough space. If you choose a local park or beach please do a site visit beforehand to ensure a good spot (google maps photos are not always up to date). And select a location that is easily accessible. We have a very large number of items that are involved with each rental, and if there are multiple flights of stairs involved, sand/dunes, or hikes we will not be able to accommodate you and/or there will be an extra fee that will either be charged before your party or taken out of your deposit after. The fee will vary depending on whats involved/how involved the set up is. 


Weather Back Up Plan: We do ask that you have a rain back up plan, such as an inside location or covered gazebo ready to go or we will need to reschedule if there is rain in the forecast. We do have a bubble tent or 10ftx10ft for date night and/or small group picnics only, or 10ftx20ft tent/canopy for larger picnics that can be reserved for an additional cost if it isn't very heavy rain and/or high winds. 

Rental Time/ Set Up/Pick Up

Time Limits: 2 hour time limit. Additional hours can be added for +$50 per hour

Set Up Time: For weekday parties (Monday-Thursday) the earliest picnic start time will be 6pm. The time needed for the set up will vary depending on the number of items rented, distance of set up location, and other parties we may already have scheduled.

Pick Up Time: The latest we will pick up for local parties is 45 min to 1 hour before sunset. (Most parks close gates at dusk and we need time to break down the party and exit)

Things To Keep In Mind

-We are not currently accepting parties located over an hour away from downtown Rockford Michigan.

-Food is not included.

-For indoor picnics, in order to keep our equipment safe, we cannot set up in venues/homes where there is smoking. For outdoor picnics, please do not smoke around the set up (If the picnic items smell like smoke upon pick up, your deposit will be non refundable and/or there may be an additional cleaning fee.)

-Please do not leave our set ups unattended in a public place. You are responsible for the set up the entire rental time. If you finish early please contact us and we may be able to come pick up early but no guarantees!

-All items are rentals 

Picnic Season Set Up Schedule


Indoor Only November 1-April 15

Indoor + Outdoor Deck/Patio/Pavilion/Sand (aka No Grass) April 15-June 1

Indoor + Outdoor set ups June 1-October 31

frequently asked questions 

What is included in each place setting? 

Each place setting will come with disposable silverware (fork, spoon, knife), glass cup, plate and cloth napkin. You may choose to upgrade to real silverware for $2 per guest.

How far in advance do I need to book my picnic? 

We are currently accepting booking up to 6 months out. The sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting your desired date. We do suggest 1-2 months in advance! Summer weekend dates go quick so don't wait! 

What if I'm located outside of the Rockford/Grand Rapids area?

The delivery fee will be based off of your party address. We do not deliver outside of Michigan or mail set ups and we are not currently booking parties located over 50 minutes from downtown Rockford, MI.

Outdoor Location Suggestions?

Your backyard is usually the easiest for our team and will also provide the most privacy, but we know that's not always an option so here are a few local parks that we love setting up at, Leslie E. Tassell Park (our favorite), Riverside Park, Johnson Park, Millennium Park, Lookout Park (perfect for sunset but is busy). The renter is responsible for selecting the set up location. 

What if it rains?

If rain is in the forecast, you will need to add a tent (we have 3 sizes to choose from) to your order, provide us with an alternative set up location, reschedule, or can cancel and lose $50 of your security deposit.


If the weather isn't looking great we will reach out a couple days prior to find out how you would like to proceed! Please keep an eye on your email in the days leading up to and day of your picnic. We do have a couple pop up canopies/tents available to rent but if it's going to be a hard down pour and high winds we can not safely set up. For alternative set up locations we suggest looking into local parks that have a gazebo with picnic tables that can be moved out of the way. Finding alternatives and thinking ahead are the client's responsibility. 

What is the maximum number of seats/guests?

We can accommodate up to 40 guests party. That set up would utilize a 24 person low profile table picnic set up, 12 person high top picnic set up, and 4 chair lounge area. 

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