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Free Online Party Planning Tips!

Looking to plan a party but not sure where to start?! Here are a couple resources that make picking a date and inviting guests so much easier!

Nail Down The Date!

Doodle is a scheduling site that makes picking a date that works for your whole group so. much. easier. You'll select a bunch of different dates and times to choose from and simply have the guests fill out the form and select the date that works the best for the most amount of people!

Send Out Invites!

Don't want to deal with sending out physical invites? Email them! makes it quick, easy, and has lots of features included that make planning a breeze!

Here are some links to some of our favorite ones, and bonus, they are free! All you need is a photo and to input the info! Use for a bachelorette party, birthday party, baby shower, etc.!

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