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Quarantine Theme Adult Coloring Sheets Freebie

What does Quarantine life look like for you? Have you had a chance to get some time to yourself? maybe too much time alone? No matter if you're overwhelmed or bored out of your mind, everyone could use some relaxing self care time and this just might be the perfect solution.

Since I haven't been able to set up any parties, i've been spending my free time curled up on the couch doodling on my iPad. I took those quarantine themed doodles and made them into some awesome coloring pages that you can download and print right at home! I've also been working on some other adult themes such as The Office, Summer Vibes, and Bridesmaids. Those coloring pages will be available in our coloring tray rental for a sleepover party add-on option! For only $10 each guest will get 3 different designs to color and take home, and the use of a clipboard and assorted markers and colored pencils.

I've also been kicking around the idea of turning my doodles into cards that you can color while hanging out under our canopy or tents and then take home and mail to your friends. How fun is that?! I mean who doesn't love getting a card in the mail? (better than junk mail or bills that's for sure!)

So here's a special gift from me to you, just click and download the coloring sheets and get your coloring on. Don't forget to tag Pretty Little Daydreams on social! Happy Coloring!

** Not For Resale or Commercial Use in any way, Personal Use Only**

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