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bell tent
Our bell tent is fun for all ages and can be set up as a blank canvas for you to decorate or rented in conjunction with a picnic, sleepover, terrarium workshop, spa or lounge area! We handle all set up and tear down!
(We are located in downtown Rockford, MI and are not booking parties over 50 minutes away)
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how it works

Decor Selections

Our bell tent is Build Your Own style!


How Our Booking Process Works! 
Step 1: Fill out the booking form
Step 2: We will email over an invoice for half the party balance and an invoice for the security deposit.
Step 3: Pay both invoices, half the party balance and the security deposit, in order to secure your party date. After we receive your payment, we'll email over a party booking confirmation! 
Step 4: We will follow up about one week prior to your party to confirm headcount. After we confirm headcount and make sure there are no remaining items you would like to add, we will send the invoice with the remaining balance, due 1 week prior to your event. 
Step 5: Party Time! We come and handle set up!
Step 6: We clean + inspect all items from your party and return your security deposit 2-3 days after your party. If there is damage or missing items, replacement costs are taken out of the security deposit.

Day Of Party

Delivery: We come to you and handle all of the set up and tear down. 15 miles are included towards delivery. The delivery fee will be based off the address you provide on the booking form. We are only currently booking parties in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

Selecting a Location:  The rental location will need to be set up at a home or at a reserved campground spot (be sure to check with the campground prior to make sure it's allowed prior to filling out the booking form!) The renter is responsible for selecting the location and getting permission to set up. We have a very large number of items that are involved with each rental, and if there are flights of stairs involved, sand/dunes, or hikes we will not be able to accommodate you and/or there will be an extra fee that will either be charged before your party or taken out of your deposit after. The fee will vary depending on whats involved/how involved the set up is. There are some locations/areas that we do not set up at, including parks. Do not leave the set up unattended. You are responsible for it during the entire rental period.


Bad Weather: The bell tent is designed to withstand rain and normal winds. If there is extreme weather such as hail, excessive heavy thunderstorms, or flooding/mud, we will need to reschedule. Our priority is keeping your guests safe.


Set Up/Pick Up

Set Up Time: For weekday parties (Monday-Thursday) the earliest set up time will be 5pm. The time needed for the set up will vary depending on the number of items rented, distance of set up location, and other parties we may already have scheduled. We may be able to arrange for set up the evening prior so its all set the day of the party. 

Pick Up Time: Earliest pick up time is 10am the next morning. We may be able to accommodate a later pick up time if our schedule allows. 

Extended Rental: We may be able to add on an additional night to your rental depending on our schedule, the fee will depend on the items rented. 

Things To Keep In Mind

-Available May 15-November 1st

-We are not currently accepting parties located over 50min away from downtown Rockford, MI.

-Smoking is not allowed in or around our rental items. (If the items smell like smoke upon pick up, your deposit will be non refundable and/or there may be an additional cleaning fee.)

-You are responsible for the set up the entire rental time.

-You are responsible for acquiring permission from location owner prior to set up  

-We will need a very large dry, open, and flat space for set up (around 24ft circle). Please complete any necessary mowing and comb the area for rocks, sticks, and pet poop prior to our arrival. 

-We cannot set up on muddy ground or in high winds/heavy rain. The tent is canvas and is difficult to clean and must be put away dry or it could be ruined. 

-Limit food + drink to foods that won't stain (pretzels, crackers, popcorn, etc.) and clear liquids (sprite, flavored water, water etc.) when possible. If items are stained or ruined, you will be responsible for the cost of the replacement. 

frequently asked questions 


The bell tent is available Late Spring through the Fall. May 13th-November 1st. Depending on the weather we may close the season early or extend it.

How far in advance do I need to book? 

We are currently booking only 6 months out. The sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting your desired date. We do suggest at least 1.5-2 months in advance! Summer weekend dates go quick and we have a small team with limited availability so don't wait!! 

What if I'm located outside of the Grand Rapids area?

The delivery fee will be based off of your party address. We do not deliver outside of Michigan or mail set ups and we are not currently booking parties located over 50 minutes from Grand Rapids.

Outdoor Location Suggestions?

Your backyard is usually the easiest for our team and will also provide the most privacy. The renter is responsible for selecting/providing the set up location. We suggest a location with electricity. 

Size of Tent

The tent is 5m which is a 16 ft circle. There will also be tie downs that will need to be added. We will need a very large dry, open, and flat space for set up (around 24ft circle). Please complete any necessary mowing and comb the area for rocks and sticks prior to our arrival. 

Maximum Number of Guests for a Sleepover

We can accommodate up to 6 guests for a sleepover.

Tent Rules

-No shoes in tent, a basket will be provided to hold your shoes

-Electricity will need to be provided at location 

-Any outdoor picnic add-ons set ups (outside of tent) will utilize our outdoor table + chairs instead of the low profile tables + pillows. Renter will be responsible for clearing the table at end of night so the items aren't ruined overnight or we can set up low profile table style and be left as is overnight if the pop up 10x10 or 10x20 tent is added.

-No jumping/pulling/other damaging activity in/on/around tent

-No fires, smoking or vaping inside or near tent

-Have fun!

set up schedule

May 13th-November 1st

build your own party style
Time Frame:

Tent Set Up Location/Conditions:

-Dry, Open, Flat Grassy Area 
-Space required, 24ft circle minimum 

Rental Includes:
-15 miles towards delivery
-set up
-tear down
-5m canvas bell tent + tarp
-Strung lights inside tent (need access to electricity) 

-cleaning of tent/rental items

Tent Only Base Price- $300

Add-On Options, Pick Your Party (More details listed below):
Group Picnic  1 table +$250, 2 table +$400
Sleepover/Retreat +$40 per person (min: 4, max: 6)
Lounge/Chill Area +$250
DIY Terrarium Workshop- +$35 per person. (min: 6, max: 12) table, supplies, and set up/tear down are provided, instructor is not. 

**Required security deposit, refundable with no cancellation or damage. Amount will be based off rental items selected.**

*all items are rented and will need to be returned in the same condition*

* The renter is responsible for getting permission to set up at chosen location* 

more party details
more details about what type of party you could host!

Party of:
1 table- up to 8 people
2 tables- up to 14 people

Perfect for:
kids age 6+, teens, adults
Time Frame:
Overnight or same day pick up before dark
Rental Includes:
-assorted rugs
-low profile picnic table
-assorted floor pillows + cushions

-tear down
-cleaning of rental items
-place settings (placemat, plate, cup, napkin, serving ware)
-string lights (will need access to electricity) 
Themes/Color Choices:
-We have themes available, view here
-or you can choose an accent color(s), view here
Sleepover / Retreat

Party of:
bell tent will hold up to 6 twin size air matresses 
Perfect for:
kids age 6+, teens, adults
Time Frame:
Rental Includes:
-set up
-tear down
-cleaning of rental items
-air beds with fitted sheets, throw blanket, decor pillows (upgrade to air bed cots for +$15 per person, perfect place to store personal items!)
-2 small low profile tables with lanterns/lights or individual white tray tables with lanterns/lights
-string lights (will need access to electricity) 
Color Choices:
-Adult/Teen themes available, view here
-or you can choose accent color(s), view here
Lounge/Chill Area

Party of:
up to 10-12 people 
Perfect for:
teens + adults, age 13+
Rental Time Frame:
Rental Includes:
-set up
-tear down
-cleaning of rental items
-large blow up couch 

-assorted rugs, pillows, floor poufs, stools 
-2 small low profile circle tables 
-6 throw blankets

-string lights (will need access to electricity) 
-light up chalkboard

Themes/Color Choices:
-Adult/Teen themes available, view here
-or you can choose accent color(s)
DIY Terrarium Workshop

Party of:
minimum 6 people, max of 12
Perfect for:
teens + adults, age 13+
Rental Time Frame:
Overnight or Same Day Pick Up before dark 
Rental Includes:
-set up
-tear down
-cleaning of rental items
-4ft wooden folding tables with kraft paper runner + wooden folding chairs 
-individual trays with items + tools to make a terrarium (all items except terrariums made are rental items) 

-string lights (will need access to electricity) 
-light up chalkboard
-assorted table decor 
canopy anchor
some perfect
add-on options!
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