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you have questions, we have answers

**please note that in order to keep our equipment safe for all kids, we won't be able to book parties in homes with smoking**

General FAQs


Where are you located?

We are based out of Rockford, Michigan and only service surrounding areas.

Where can you deliver? Is set up extra?

We delivery to Rockford and Grand Rapids MI and surrounding areas. Currently we are not booking parties located over 50min away from downtown Rockford Michigan. 

Do you mail set-ups?

We do not mail set ups, we only service Michigan areas around Rockford/Grand Rapids.

Do you offer a cleanup service?

We do not offer additional clean up beyond the collection of our rented items and decor.  

Do I get to keep anything?

Everything we bring/set up for your party must be returned in gently used condition (pillows, stuffed animals, games, decor, etc.). Unless you purchased the sleepover package that includes a complimentary small goodie bag. If there is anything missing or broken at the end of the party, replacement costs will come out of the deposit. (The parties that have added on balloon garlands, may keep the balloons!)

Available Add-Ons

Check out our available sleepover upgrades/add-ons here!

Check out our available picnic upgrades/add-ons here

Can we provide our own decor or balloons in addition to Pretty Little Daydreams or instead of? 

You are more than welcome to provide your own balloon garland (or other decor) on any of our party set ups instead of renting/purchasing them through us. However, we will not be responsible for arranging the items and your items will need to be put up/attached with non damaging methods after our set up is complete. 


Cancellation + Deposit FAQs


Cancellation + Reschedule Policy/Security Deposit Policy

All rentals have a security deposit. This security deposit is refundable if:


1. You do not cancel

-If you cancel prior to 48 hours in advance, $50 of the deposit is non-refundable but you will be refunded the rest of the security deposit and your party total. You also have the option to reschedule with no penalty (aka the party balance will be applied to the new date).

-If you cancel within 48 hours of the party, you will receive a 50% refund of your party total.

- If you reschedule within 48 hours of the party, you will need to repay $50 of the security deposit in order to secure the new date.  

2. If all party items are returned in good condition. We simply check all our items after each sleepover to ensure everything is in working order and safe for the next event. If there is anything missing or broken at the end of the party, the cost for replacement will come out of the deposit and/or an additional fee may be incurred.

What if a sleepover guest cancels, is there a refund for the unused tent/teepee/bed?

We will confirm the guest count about 7 days prior so if you have a guest cancel prior to that you may be refunded for that tent. In the event that you have a guest cancel after we confirmed the number of guests, there is no refund. We can set up the extra tent/bed or not. Idea: Set it up in a siblings room for a special treat!

booking process + party minimums faqs

How does the booking process work? 

Step 1: Fill out the booking form

Step 2: We will email over an invoice for half the party balance and an invoice for the security deposit.

Step 3: Pay both invoices, half the party balance and the security deposit, in order to secure your party date. After we receive your payment, we'll email over a party booking confirmation! 

Step 4: We will follow up about one week prior to your party to confirm headcount. After we confirm headcount and make sure there are no remaining items you would like to add, we will send the invoice with the remaining balance, due 1 week prior to your event. 

Step 5: Party Time! We come and handle set up!

Step 6: We clean + inspect all items from your sleepover and return your security deposit 2-3 days after your party. (If there is damage or missing items, replacement costs are taken out of the security deposit)

Party Minimums 

Minimums do not include the security deposit or delivery fee

$130 Rockford/Cedar Spring (within 10 miles from our location by the Dam in Rockford, MI)


$200 Grand Rapids area parties

$300 outside of Rockford/Grand Rapids, MI 

$1,000 over 1 hour from Rockford, MI

(we may or may not be able to accommodate based on the location)


Payment FAQs


What type of payment is accepted?

Our invoice system is automatically set up with Paypal, but we prefer payment through Venmo or Zelle when possible to avoid fees. We will not accept cash day of or check.

When is payment required?

All of our parties are completely paid in full up front so that day of the party you won't have to worry about completing payment. 50% of the party balance will be due in order to reserve your date. The remaining balance will be due 1 week before your event.

(*parties with large security deposits will be due 1 week prior to the party instead of at time of booking) 



sleepover FAQs


How long does set up take?

Set up will take around 1-2hrs for smaller parties and 4-5 hours for larger parties. It really depends on theme selection, number of tents/teepees/canopy and any add-ons selected. We will be sure to give you an estimate at the time of booking. Don't worry, collection goes a lot quicker! 

Can the tents, teepees, or canopy be used outside?

Inside only! 

Do guests need to bring anything for a sleepover?

Only their PJ’s and a pillow to sleep on!

Is a pillow provided?

A pillow to sleep on is NOT provided and we suggest having your guests bring their own! The pillows provided are just decorative. 


How big are the sleepover tents/teepees + beds? How much space will I need to have cleared?

Each tent/teepee and bed set up are about 38"wide by 6 feet long.

(If you upgrade to the air beds, the space required will be 48"wide by 6ft long per person and don't forget about a walkway for between the beds!)

If you are worried about having enough room for the tents/teepees you require, please let us know the size of the space and we can work out a layout that fits. 

You will need to have the area clear of all furniture/other decor before we arrive so that set up goes smoothly! They are larger then you think so please measure the space before we get there!

Size of Space Needed For Sleepover Canopy

You will need a space that is at least 12ft by 6ft minimum (for 1 canopy)

Size of Feather + Foam Bed

The included feather + foam mattress is 26" by 6ft and consists of a feather insert + foam mattress topper. 

Do you have themes for boys and girls?

Absolutely! We have themes for boys and girls but also themes that are more gender neutral. See all themes here.

Is it possible to do multiple themes?

Absolutely! Though we would like to keep the themes at 2 tops. This is ideal for hosting a party where both girls and boys are attending!

Is it possible to do custom themes?

Absolutely! There are some that we won't be able to accommodate, but it doesn't hurt to ask! There may be a small fee depended on what we have to source specifically for your desired theme.

Can the kids eat or do crafts in the tents?

Please do not allow crafts, glitter, slime, nail polish or kids to eat or drink in the set ups. If there is any damage, stains, or missing items the replacement costs will come out of your deposit. Some snack ideas that most likely won't stain, pretzels, popcorn, gummy candy. Idea: put down a towel while they eat just in case! 

How do you clean the set-ups?

All items are wiped down/sanitized. The bedding we use is washed thoroughly between each use to ensure they are ready for the next group of kids/adults! (Decorative pillows, stuffed animals, and other items are disinfected or wiped down and lint rolled)

bell tent FAQs


What does the inside of the tent look like?

It has a roll up door flap with a mesh door, 3 mesh windows that can be covered/closed up by zipping the exterior covers, no center pole.


The tent is canvas with 3 mesh windows and a mesh door. It does get extremely stuffy/hot in the middle of summer. Please plan to provide a fan and/or plan for a less hot time of year. We do include the use of an extension cord!  

What time of year can the bell tent be set up?

The bell tent is available Late Spring through the Fall. May 13th-November 1st. Depending on the weather we may close the season early or extend it.

How far in advance do I need to book? 

We are currently booking only 3 months out. The sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting your desired date. We do suggest at least 1.5-2 months in advance! Summer weekend dates go quick and we have a small team with limited availability so don't wait!! 

What if I'm located outside of the Grand Rapids area?

The delivery fee will be based off of your party address. We do not deliver outside of Michigan or mail set ups and we are not currently booking parties located over 50 minutes from Grand Rapids.

Set Up Location

Your backyard! or we can set up at a local campground if you have a reservation. No public areas.

Size of Tent

The tent is 5m which is a 16 ft circle. There will also be tie downs that will need to be added. We will need a very large dry, open, and flat space for set up (around 24ft circle).


Area Prep

Please complete any necessary mowing and comb the area for rocks, sticks, and dog poop prior to our arrival. If you have a sprinkler system, please make sure that is turned off as well.

Tent Rules + Policies 

  1. Take shoes off at door of tent

  2. No jumping/pulling/other damaging activity in/on/around tent

  3. No fires, smoking or vaping inside or near tent

  4. Please remove all trash and personal possessions and/or personal decorations before we arrive to clean up 

Bad Weather

The bell tent is designed to withstand rain and normal winds. If there is extreme weather such as hail, excessive heavy thunderstorms, or flooding/mud, we will need to reschedule. Our priority is keeping your guests safe.

picnic  FAQs


Important Considerations!

  1. Party Minimums in place, see here.

  2. Food is not included.

  3. Please do not leave our set ups unattended in a public place. You are responsible for the set up the entire rental time. If you finish early please contact us and we may be able to come pick up early but no guarantees

  4. All items are rentals 

  5. For indoor picnics, in order to keep our equipment safe, we cannot set up in venues/homes where there is smoking. For outdoor picnics, please do not smoke around the set up (If the picnic items smell like smoke upon pick up, your deposit will be non refundable and/or there may be an additional cleaning fee.)

Decor Selections

Our picnics are Build Your Own style! Our base color scheme is a mix of neutrals (tans, beige, grey, cream) and then you choose your accent pillow colors, table runner, place mat, and floral arrangement collection in order to create a one of a kind picnic! Take a look at our picnic builder page to see all the options! 

If you need something more custom/do not like the options we have there may be a consultation/customization fee depending on what you're looking for.

Not sure what to select? We can handle the sections for you if you just give us a little creative direction on the booking form!

Selecting A Location 

The renter is responsible for selecting the location and getting permission to set up if it isn't at a  public park. If hosting in a hotel room, local park or beach, we strongly encourage that you do a site visit to ensure there is a good step up spot with enough space (google maps photos are not always up to date). It is also important that the location that is easily accessible. We have a very large number of items that are involved with each rental, and if there are multiple flights of stairs involved, sand/dunes, or hikes we will not be able to accommodate you and/or there will be an extra fee that will either be charged before your party or taken out of your deposit after. The fee will vary depending on whats involved/how involved the set up is.



We do ask that you have an inside high winds back up plan, or we will need to reschedule. Included with group picnics is the use of a pop up canopy if rain is in the forecast, but it cannot be set up in high winds. For date night 2 person picnics, we do have a bubble tent or 10ftx10ft pop up canopy that can be reserved for an additional cost if it isn't extremely heavy rain and/or high winds. 

What's Included In Each Place Setting 

Each place setting will come with disposable silverware (fork, spoon, knife), glass cup, plate and cloth napkin. You may choose to upgrade to real silverware for $2 per guest.

What is the maximum number of seats/guests? 

We can accommodate up to 40 guests party. That set up would utilize a 24 person low profile table picnic set up, 12 person high top picnic set up, and 4 chair lounge area. 

After Your Picnic is Done

We handle all teardown. All we ask is that after your picnic is done, you remove all personal items and trash, dump out extra drinks, and scrap extra food off plates. No need to wash any dishes and pick up any of the picnic items! 

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Booking Process
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Party Minimums
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