you have questions, we have answers

**please note that in order to keep our equipment safe for all kids, we won't be able to book parties in homes with smoking**

General FAQs


Where are you located?

We are located in Grand Rapids Michigan and only service Michigan areas.

Where can you deliver? Is set up extra?

We delivery to Grand Rapids Mi and surrounding areas. If your party total is $200+ (not including the security deposit), 15 miles towards delivery are included! Currently we are not booking parties located over 50min away from Grand Rapids Michigan. 

Do you mail set-ups?

We do not mail set ups, we only service Michigan areas around Grand Rapids.

Do you offer a cleanup service?

We do not offer additional clean up beyond the collection of our rented items and decor.  

Do you have anything for Adults?

We do!  See the options

Do I get to keep anything?

Everything we bring/set up for your party must be returned in gently used condition (pillows, stuffed animals, games, decor, etc.). Unless you purchased the small favor goodie bags we have available (see the add-ons page or goodie bags page for more info!) If there is anything missing or broken at the end of the party, replacement costs will come out of the deposit.

Available Add-Ons

See all add-ons on our party add-ons page! We have also listed out a few great options on the bottom of the party pages!

What games do you have?

Kids - Jumbo Bowling set, Twister, headbandz, ping pong bucket game, uno, Qwirkle, Acting Out, Butts Up

Adult games- Telestrations, Telestrations After Dark (Naughty version), What Do You Meme, That’s It! , Speak Out, Qwirkle, Ticket To Ride, Sequence, Exploding Kittens, You've Got Crabs, 90's Trivia

Yard games- Jumbo Jenga, Jumbo Connect 4,  Kan Jam

Cancellation + Deposit FAQs


Cancellation + Reschedule Policy/Security Deposit Policy

All rentals excluding Backdrop Rentals have a security deposit. This deposit is completely refundable if:

1. You do not cancel.

-If you cancel prior to 48 hours in advance, $50 of the deposit is non-refundable but you will be refunded the rest of the security deposit and your party total. You also have the option to reschedule with no penalty (aka the party balance will be applied to the new date).

-If you cancel within 48 hours of the party, you will receive a 50% refund of your party total.

- If you reschedule within 48 hours of the party, you will need to repay $50 of the security deposit in order to secure the new date.  


2. If all party items are returned in good condition. We simply check all our items after each sleepover to ensure everything is in working order and safe for the next event. If there is anything missing or broken at the end of the party, the cost for replacement will come out of the deposit and/or an additional fee may be incurred.

What if a guest cancels, is there a refund for the unused tent/teepee/bed?

We will confirm the guest count 7 days prior so if you have a guest cancel prior to that you may be refunded for that tent. In the event that you have a guest cancel after we confirmed the number of guests, there is no refund. We can set up the extra tent/bed or not. Idea: Set it up in a siblings room for a special treat!

Payment FAQs


What type of payment is accepted?

Our invoice system is set up with Paypal, but we prefer payment through Venmo when possible, just search @PrettyLittleDaydreams and it should pop up! Our profile picture is our logo and the last 4 digits of our phone number to confirm payment is 2883. We will not accept cash day of or check. 

When is payment required?

All of our parties are completely paid for up front so that day of the party you won't have to worry about completing payment. 

Sleepover Teepees and Tents, Sleepover Canopy, Lounge Area, Bell Tent parties- half the party balance will be due at time of booking. The second half of the balance will be due 1 week prior to your party. 

Picnics, Backdrops, Candy Cart, Party Rentals, Lounge, Spa partiestotal party balance is due at time of booking

Tents/Teepee FAQs


How long does set up take?

Set up will take around 1-2hrs for smaller parties and 4-5 hours for larger parties. It really depends on theme selection, number of tents and any add-ons selected. We will be sure to give you an estimate at the time of booking. Don't worry, collection goes a lot quicker! 

Can the tents or teepees be used outside?

Inside only! 

Do our guests need to bring anything for a sleepover?

Only their PJ’s and a pillow to sleep on!

Is a pillow provided?

A pillow to sleep on is NOT provided and we suggest having your guests bring their own! You can choose a pillow party upgrade at the time of booking or purchase them yourselves and we can set them up if you would like! If you purchase them through us, we will provide a travel pillow case that is rented/cleaned between uses, but your guests get to keep the pillow core! 

Do you stay and host the party?

The party is your time to enjoy. Don't worry we will be back to tear down!


How do you clean the set-ups?

All items are wiped down/sanitized. The bedding we use is washed thoroughly between each use to ensure they are ready for the next group of kids/adults! (Decorative pillows, stuffed animals, and other items are disinfected or wiped down and lint rolled)


How big are the sleepover tents + beds? How much space will I need to have cleared?

Each tent and bed set up are 3 feet wide by 6 feet long. If you are worried about having enough room for the tents you require, please let us know the size of the space and we can work out a layout that fits. You will need to have the area clear of all furniture/other decor before we arrive so that set up goes smoothly! They are larger then you think so please measure the space before we get there!

Size of Space Needed For Canopy

You will need a space that is at least 11ft by 6ft

Size of Teepees

The teepees are 3ft by 6 ft each 

Do you have themes for boys and girls?

Absolutely! We have themes for boys and girls but also themes that are more gender neutral.

Can you do multiple themes?

Absolutely! Though we would like to keep the themes at 2 tops. This is ideal for hosting a party where both girls and boys are attending!

Can the kids eat in the tents?

Please do not allow kids to eat or drink in the set ups. If there is any damage, stains, or missing items the replacement costs will come out of your deposit. Some snack ideas that most likely won't stain, pretzels, popcorn, gummy candy. Idea: put down a towel while they eat just in case!