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picnic builder

So you want to host a picnic with us?! We can't wait so let's get designing!! Our booking form is set up to be "Build Your Own Style" so you can mix and match from the different collections below, or if you can't decide, we can handle the selections for you! Take a look at the selection options below! 

table styles

We have different table + seating style to choose from. Mix and match to host an event that fits you and your guests needs!

floral collections


table runner collections

  1. NEW! burgundy velvet (pictured)
  2. cream macrame
  3. white sheer
  4. blush silky
  5. dusty blue sheer
  6. white lace
  7. purple sparkle 
  8. pink sparkle 
  9. sage sheer 

cloth napkin collections

  1. blush velvet (pictured)
  2. green velvet
  3. navy velvet 
  4. beige velvet 
  5. white silky 
  6. hot pink silky 
  7. leopard silky 

placemat collections

  1. jute circle charger
  2. woven oval placemat (14 available)
  3. gold circle charger (pictured)

glasses + dishes

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